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Transportation Management and Freight Forwarding Experts.

RAC Logistics is in the top of our class for innovative transportation solutions. At RAC we provide a variety of services in order to meet the growing needs of your business. Our trucks are reliable, our drivers are dependable, and our staff is personable. We take pride in our trucking fleet, shipping, packaging and warehousing. Your delivery will always be safe and on-time. We guarantee your freight and shipping experience with us will be pleasurable.

  1.    Tradeshows: Tradeshows are a high priority for us because they are priority for you. When you work with RAC Logistics, you get the assurance of working with a company that understands the specialized attention required to ship your valuable merchandise. RAC provides comprehensive and convenient trade show transportation and trade show shipping. Our team has years of experience in trade show freight shipping. We offer you superior shipping services in order to meet the high demands of any trade show.
  2.    Transportation: Shippers are seeking better, more cost-effective alternatives from a single source; RAC Logistics has developed a logical solution to meet these demands.
  3.    Logistics: We help small and medium-sized businesses manage the day-to-day shipping, receiving and storage requirements of your business. Freight and shipping is our specialty.
  4.    Warehousing: We are second to none in safety and reliability. Our logistics division provides customers with excellent ground transportation, on time delivery, freight forwarding and warehousing. Whether it's receiving, storage, handling or packing, RAC ensures that your products will get to its destination safely, securely and on time. Safety is our priority. We keep a safe, neat environment to ensure your merchandise is protected.
  5.   Final Mile and Round Trip Service: Our asset based transportation division specializes in I/O Bound deliveries and pickup to Trade Show site locations. Due to our industry relationships with tradeshow providers, and our location being only minuets away from Georgia World Congress Center, we can provide you withthis service like no one else, and save you from losing money by having your trucks sit in a parking lot for hours losing time and money. Whether its FTL, LTL, or Containers, let our agents help you by handling your final mile need and save you time and money.